When is the best time to buy a home?

The best answer to this question really comes down to basic common sense. With that said, sometimes it’s good to visualize the so-called common sense in an article or some form of writing. You know what I mean, the typical situation we find ourselves in. We know certain things are not really good to do… [Read More]

Understanding Cash to Close vs. Cash Reserves

A primary goal for me in writing different articles is to focus on clearing up various misconceptions of the mortgage business and therefore help inform and empower customers to make the best decisions possible. For this specific article, I will briefly explain the difference between having available cash to close your mortgage versus having cash… [Read More]

When should I refinance?

What are the usual reasons to refinance your current mortgage? The answer to this question can be narrowed down to a few common reasons. Here are five main examples: Let’s start with the basic reason of lowering your monthly interest rate. To justify such a refinance for rate purposes, you need to understand how the… [Read More]


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